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Our Story

Welcome to the Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company.

The Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company (TYCBC) was established in 2015 to provide young dancers aged 10-18 years with unique performance opportunities, intensive ballet training and individual coaching alongside their existing training.


With North (Launceston) and South (Hobart) divisions, the company is a program taken in addition to a dancer's home studio schedule of classes and training.  


The Company presents both traditional classical repertoire as well as new, innovative works to captivate audiences and provide real-world experiences to its members.

With a focus on excellence in technique, artistry, and performance, TYCBC offers world-class training for aspiring Tasmanian ballet dancers. Through our carefully crafted program, dancers receive comprehensive instruction in classical ballet technique, repertoire, and performance skills, led by our team of Tasmania's most experienced and passionate trainers.

Our contemporary program provides expert guidance in some of the fundamental techniques of this genre such as an exploration of Graham, Gaga and Bausch. Parallel to this we provide our dancers with the opportunity to delve into dance making through improvisation and collaboration. With a focus on developing their skills, knowledge and application, our dancers are able to apply all they learn to their contemporary dance experience .

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